the dinosaur

How the dinosaur came to be such a stoic piece of art at waldo’s garden….

I’m convinced our neighbors think we may be gypsies because the day the dinosaur arrived was the day I thought my parents had sold our souls to the circus.  It was sitting on the side of  route 60 in Vero Beach at Ethan Allen.  Yes, Ethan Allen –  the furniture store.  They were closing and they desperately needed to get rid of their lawn ornament.  You can see the dust flying as my parents hurried over to buy it and the next thing I know there is an erect dinosaur on the back of a flat bed and my parents hanging out the window, waving driving down our dairy road.  They looked like characters out of a Jim Carey movie.    Plus they had driven through town with the dinosaur like that!  It hid in the back for quite a while away from the world before finally at my 22nd birthday I wanted it moved to the party at the treehouse… thus it never left and no one has ever asked us to move it from their shindig – which makes us like our brides even more!


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