Waldo’s Garden is private property, you may not visit the venue without a scheduled tour.  

Located in Vero Beach, Florida  – the rustic charm and haunting ambiance of Waldo’s Garden is quickly observed by all who enter onto the grounds.  Slowly but surely created circa 1911, builder, Waldo Sexton designed this haven using an abundance of driftwood, iron, and recognizable pieces from the collection of another well known architect, Addison Mizner.

One of the most alluring attributes to this modern day secret garden is that it’s one of the few venues in Indian River County that can fit anywhere from 50-300 guests on its 12 acre parcel of land.


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  1. I’m shooting an event at your location and came to your web site to get address and telephone, neither of which is on the web site! I’d expect a contact telephone at least.


    • Hey Andrew because we are a private venue it’s also our home so we refrain from putting too much information online because we don’t want people randomly stopping by. Other options would’ve been e-mailing us (that’s on the website), Facebook, or the good ole fashion yellow pages! waldosgardeninfo@gmail.com

  2. May i ask a question? If we are planning a wedding for about 75 people, does your venue offer a covered guest area (in case of rain) or is it mainly outdoors? I’ve never been there before but your pictures look beautiful.

    • Hey Denise! You would have to schedule a tour to come and see location for yourself but we’ve been lucky with rain. If it is raining during the ceremony we work hard and fast to get a plan b together but other than that – tent rentals are always an option and we are about 75% covered … it would be like going to the Driftwood Inn and having it rain basically – it ends up working out!

  3. Hello, my fiance and I are interested in your venue but are curious about whether or not you accommodate small, intimate weddings of approximately 25-30 guests.

  4. Please remove my comment above as over the past two years I’ve received numerous phone calls requesting info. Since you don’t publish a telephone number of your own (stupid in my opinion) those seeking your venue gravitate to the only number listed which is mine and it appears when one does a google search as your telephone number.

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