Waldo’s Garden is private property, you may not visit the venue without a scheduled tour.

Waldo E. Sexton broke ground on this unique property around 1911.  Section by section, the main house was built initially for himself and his family.

The driftwood inspired house was built in the 40’s to accommodate his daughter, Barbara,  and her new husband, John Tripson.  Tied together by a jungle and whimsical sidewalk, the two historic homes have become an ode to Waldo’s love for large, rough wood and rustic construction.

The family developed Vero Beach Dairy in 1922, which is the back parcel of the property (later changed to Tripson Dairy) – what used to be a thriving agricultural business now inactive , yet , undisturbed to preserve its apparent charm.  Waldo possessed an urge to create unusual attractions, a trait he shrewdly did not deny, knowing the world loves an eccentric.  Mark and Hildie Tripson have continued to maintain the historic ambiance of Tripson’s Grandfather, Waldo E. Sexton.  They welcome others to enjoy it as well!

The treehouse not only  entertained family members but dignitaries, astronauts, and many others in its heyday – we like to think we’re just continuing the rich tradition.


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