We are hiring! We are looking for a positive & talented soul to assist with floral arrangements for all of the weddings and events at Waldo’s Secret Garden! Please share this poster if you know someone who fits the mold! Advertisements

A short hiatus!

Please send us an e-mail if you have any questions or need to request information!  We ask that you not contact us over the website because the comments get lost in the mix on occasion!  waldosgardeninfo@gmail.com!  We thank you so much for all of the inquiries to the Garden!  Talk to you soon! -Charlotte

Elizabeth + Brian

Elle Ruiz Photography just took my little heart away!  I am so excited to post these beautiful photos!  More times than most the photographers forget to send us photos so we can post and praise them.  I am so excited Elle Ruiz posted a few for me to blog with!  Look forward to working with […]

shutting the doors for summer

It dawned on me that we forgot to inform you that we shut down from May- September!  We have one more wedding this month and then we will be renovating + resting.  It may be insane to shut down right at the beginning of   “wedding  season” ya know, the “month of love” but we […]

March 16th!

Mark it down in your calendar ladies and gents!  Quite possibly the most beautiful Florida day we have had in a while!  Happy Wedding Day At Waldo’s Secret Garden. Oh, and PS – not to get all Martha tewart on you but we were in a bind for an authentic centerpiece and  we ran out […]

Friday Night Lights

We had yet another lovely wedding this past weekend and this one was extra special because this family and ours are old, great friends!  We are so happy you spent your special day with us. Congrats Lizzie Holman and Mike Fry!    – Charlotte

February showers bring… March?

I am currently sitting in the house watching the newly married Arely and Michael Jarrett’s wedding from afar and… it’s raining!  Who knew!  February – hot and muggy and now rain.  Oh Florida, you keep us on our toes!  But alas, this entire wedding has been absolutely beautiful!   Arely’s decor and flowers were beyond […]

vintage this and that

I love doing photo shoots at the house to show people a few extra cool spots to get some photos.  We hit the day perfect this time – the sun was shining every which way through all of the foliage.  it was pretty magical. Hope you enjoy them! – Charlotte photography: Ashley Morgan // photo edits: Charlotte Tripson […]

The house

We rarely have actual photographs of the house itself.  The Tree house is intricately woven into decades of foliage but on a clear day (like today!) you can get a great glimpse. Happy Thanksgiving to you! (front view) (breezeway) (mini Hall of Giants table) photo taken by charlotte anabar // instagram